Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How not to have fun with two kids in tow...

I'm upset. Rob is doing another show Thursday not even 7 minutes from my house, and I won't be going. I know it's 7 minutes because the kids' pediatrician is in the plaza next door, and I have a tendency to get everywhere just a tad late. Four kids, okay? So you have any idea how long it takes to make sure 8 shoes are tied and 4 faces are clean and 4 shirts aren't stained? Back to my upseted-ness. New word!

Hubby won't be in town, and I refuse to be the crazy woman who shows up at her husband's friend's shows with kids in tow while he's out of town. Plus I just don't think I'd enjoy myself alone much what with my monsters and the crowds and all. I tried to get a friend to go, but everyone is either out of town or busy.

Please go if you can, and enjoy it. Who knows, I may just show up. With two kids in tow...

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