Monday, June 30, 2008

Girlfriend needs some baby fat

Yes, a thousand times, yes. I don't care if it was based on a comic book; I don't care if shoot-em-up movies aren't your thing; you need to see this movie in the theater. You can always cover your eyes when the bullets go right through people's foreheads. It was worthy.

My only problem? Angelina Jolie's arms are too skinny. I have a hard time believing that an assassin could get her job done with toothpick arms. She can't possibly hit someone hard enough to knock them out with arms like that. She looks thinner than she did in Tomb Raider. Girlfriend needs to keep some of her baby fat after the twins are born. Sorry, that girlfriend thing came out of nowhere, but it's true so I'm leaving it.

Would I have liked it more if James McAvoy used his Scottish accent instead of a very natural sounding American accent? Eh, maybe. It might have been a tad distracting. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, I'm still seeing this multiple times. Multiple- I'm not limiting myself to twice.

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