Wednesday, July 23, 2008

But that's not what he looks like!

Thank you, Little Lovables! I hadn't seen the new trailer for Twilight, mostly because they don't play it on Nick Jr. or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but I have seen it now! I was a little worried that Edward would look as terrible as he did on the Entertainment Weekly Cover, but he looks much better in the film.

I still have to say that the Edward my very active imagination came up with while I was reading the books is still better looking than Robert Pattinson (who I agree is attractive). I know it sounds crazy, but I've always found some thing that disappoints me while watching a movie after I've read the book. I'm not an elitist, even though I love the whole process of reading; it's just there is always something that is not how I pictured it. Maybe I shouldn't let my imagination run wild, but it's really hard to turn off while reading!

I'm still going to watch the movie and enjoy every minute of it. Possibly more than once.

Oh! Little Lovables has Twilight inspired jewelry up for sale in her Etsy shop. Grab them while you can!


After a cup of coffee said...

I agree, it's not what he looks like in my head, either! Have you read that the author is going to do a fifth book? She's rewriting the first book, but this time from Edward's perspective! I think that one will be really interesting.


Crafty Mama said...

I heard! I'm so excited about Breaking Dawn that I don't think Hubby will be able to ride another book's excitement out!