Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thanks for lowering your expectations of me.

I found this meme from Stefanie Says on Oh My Seven (where I find a lot of cool stuff, Thanks Brooke!) Anywho, you go to someecards and pick our five cards that describe yourself in "amazingly unflatteringly" ways. So here's mine...

I have an addiction to director's commentaries on DVDs. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I will not return a DVD to netflix until I have watched the commentary. Last week, I got Catch and Release and squealed when I saw that it had TWO commentaries. Oh yes, I watched them both.

I didn't talk much in high school. Even though we had a small class (5 boys and 15 girls), I can think of at least two people I never said more than 8 sentences to. One of whom I even had a group project with. Oy, the grammar in this paragraph is terrible. Oh well.

I have been known to call Hubby two or three times on the way to something for directions. I'm honestly surprised every Christmas when there isn't a navigation system wrapped under the tree. I think he secretly likes being texted during meetings for turn by turn directions for someone who has no knowledge of north, south, east or west.

I am the mother who called Poison Control for her child swallowing a battery. Yes, my second son swallowed a watch battery while I was nursing my daughter. Of course then while I was trying to find out what I needed to do, my daughter was wailing for more, and the guy on the phone thought it would calm me down to make jokes with me. Cut the jokes, Bozo, and tell me if I need to rush my two year old to the ER!
The second one still has trouble putting things in his mouth. Hubby has told him not to lick the car next to ours in the parking lot. I'm astonished he hasn't caught ecoli from something yet.

This was more for Hubby. My mom originally wanted her three daughters to marry men of different ethnicities so she could have grandbabies of different ethnicities (my mother- the UN of grandmothers, folks), but she has since amended her qualifications to men of different professions. My Hubby deals with computers and technology, my brother-in-law went to school to be an electrician, and my other sister hasn't married yet, but I think my mom is hoping for a doctor. Every visit involves fixing something, and we frequently trade date nights for computer work.
Oh yeah, I just recently gave my mom my blog address, so maybe I shouldn't have posted that... oh well.

So do one for yourself and share the link in the comment section. I want to know ALL your dirty little secrets, people!

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seven said...

I love commentaries too! (And yeah, I have the time for it as well.)

And your mom sounds like a hilarious lady. :)