Sunday, May 25, 2008

Got milk?

Today in the morning service, we had a missionary from Nicaragua speak to our church. He told us a story to illustrate the amount of culture shock Americans encounter while living abroad. I thought it was funny, but as I thought more about it, I decided to share because it made me think more than usual.

He and his wife had some families to visit on an extremely hot day. They decided to leave their children in the care of a Nicaraguan family from their church. The smallest child was only five months old, and they didn't want to expose him to hours of heat. His wife nursed the child before she left him, and like all breast-feeding mothers, carefully timed her departure to make sure they got back before he became too hungry. She told the family they left their children with that the baby should be fine, and she would feed him again when they return.

After they finished all their visits, they returned to pick up their children and were surprised to find a happy baby. They were expecting a hungry infant. When they got back to their house, his wife tried to feed the baby (she was probably getting uncomfortable at this point), but the baby wasn't eating. The older daughter, who was only around four years old, told her mother that she didn't need to feed the baby because the babysitting family fed the baby already. The missionary wasn't sure what to believe, his daughter was only four, but she kept insisting that the family had fed the baby already.

After questioning her, they found out that the babysitting family had taken the fussy baby over to the neighbor's house because he was hungry, and the neighbor had a infant she was nursing. The neighbor was more than happy to nurse the missionary's baby also. His wife was a little shocked (to say the least). This just isn't something you do in America.

My question for you is why not? We understand that breast feeding is important to infants; many shopping centers and public places have areas set aside for nursing mothers. It is no longer uncommon to see a draped mother nursing her infant in public. There have been laws passed in most states protecting the rights of a nursing mother to feed her child in public.

Is another woman's breast milk harmful? We also have ways to donate breast milk to those who are unable to nurse their premature infants. Many hospitals accept donated breast milk and, after sterilization and testing, feed at risk babies who for one reason or another cannot digest formula. I know of surrogate mothers who pump and donate milk to babies that they have carried but are not genetically theirs.

Is it because of our view of privacy? Most people are still uncomfortable seeing another woman's breast during feeding, even one of a close friend. Don't misunderstand me, I was taught that what's under your clothes stays under your clothes. I always covered up when nursing in public, even at home while company was over. But in a culture where exposing the breast in advertisements and movies is normal, why is it that nursing a friend's hungry baby is taboo? It's not as if the baby is going to be traumatized. Most people don't recall memories formed that early in life.

Is it because of the special bond it might promote with another woman? We are quick to shift responsibility in other areas of our children's lives. Nannies, babysitters, and au pairs are accepted. They often give our children bottles, baths, and rock and sing them to sleep. Why not adopt practices held in many countries for years, and nurse infants that aren't our own? Wet nurses were used throughout history to feed babies of the rich.

I hope this made you think. Americans can be strange and completely oblivious to how strange we are.

I still don't think I'll be offering up my services. It just isn't done.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let the madness begin!

I've got a Ravelry! I know, it's about time, but I've been putting it off for a good reason. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to cut into my crafting time. And we all know I have enough stuff that's cutting into my crafting time. I can't promise that it will be up to date all the time, but I'll do my best.
Summer's coming; I'll get all caught up then... yeah right.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who needs a recycling bin when you have a jewelry box?

I wanted to pass along an article from Inhabitat on a Brazilian eco-designer named Mana Bernardes. She and her design team have taken discarded items and turned them into beautiful jewelry pieces. Even if you don't actually wear them (I don't think I could pull some off), they're still lovely as art pieces.
Side note- my used bobby pins never looked as nice as the pins she used in the first picture. I suspect those might be new.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I would like a, um... middle sized one?

I want a medium. Not a grande, venti, or whatever else ridiculous name you can think up. Also, why is the smallest size sometimes called a medium? Shouldn't it be a small? I thought the whole point of a drive through was to make it quick and easy. I would just like a drink without having to learn a new language please. If you're going to use another language, at least use Spanish. I can figure out Spanish. Donde esta el bano? Dame un besito, por favor. Mira, mira! Well, maybe not enough to get a drink.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

I've been doing stuff, okay?

I do actually make stuff. I just don't take pictures of it. I'm a busy slacker. Is that possible? Sorry these are all small pictures. I didn't want this post to be huge. If you want to see closeups, go to my Flickr page.

These pillows are for my princess. Big Lots had 3 skein packages of glittery yarn for $1.50. So of course, I got one of each color they had. I still have a white pillow to finish. (Besides finishing these two.) They also had some pink and purple wool (I bought 6 skeins), and a package of 6 black crochet floss cones for $1.50 (score!). Oh yeah, I was happy that day. I'm still perfecting my poor felting skills. Floridians and wool do not get along, okay?

This blanket isn't finished yet either. I have to get more gray yarn for the eyes. I thought I had enough in my stash pile, but nope! It figures. This is for a friend whose due in July. I've got time- HA! Famous last words.

And of course, I've just started a new project! I'm stupid like that... or ADD, take your pick. This is going to be a baby blanket for a little girl due in September. If I follow the pattern, it'll be huge. If I have time (HA!), I might actually make the whole thing, otherwise I'll only make it approximately a yard square, which is my regular size. Yeah, the blue yarn is the same as the preemie blanket. It was on clearance. I did buy 6 skeins of it, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I may be crafty, but I'm also cheap. I mean thrifty.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yay for local music!

This Saturday, I'll be at Lake Mary City hall, stinking of bug spray and sweating profusely. BUT, I'll be happily listening to some great music. I've mentioned Rob Gundling before, but this will be the first time I get to hear the whole band. Yay for local bands!
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm all a twitter!

I've been sucked in to the Twitter madness. I have a Twitter account, and I love that it's instant, short updates. Who has time to write blog posts? Apparently not me! I'm not sure how long my obsession with this will last, but we'll give it a go. Follow me if you're interested. I'd love to find some interesting people to follow, too.
These are the things that keep me up late at night. Sigh.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

New baby smell

This is my newest model. Isn't he precious? He belongs to one of Hubby's co-workers, but I get to play with him this summer. Yay for new baby smell! And of course I made the blanket and bunny.

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Adds ahoy!

The add poll is closed. Those of you who voted said to go for it, so don't be surprised if adds pop up in the near future. I won't let it get irritating; don't worry.

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Blatant self-promotion below.

Not that you need another excuse to shop, but I've marked all my fall merchandise in my shop down 15%. You can find it all in the sale section of my shop, and here's some pictures to tempt you.

Red Floral Evening Clutch
This bag is a good size for just the essentials- lipstick, driver's license, cash, and a credit card. I have one in a different color that I carry to church. The beaded handle is really pretty, too.

Olive Stripe Mini Messenger
This messenger style is more of a wallet on a long strap. If you like wearing your bags across your chest, this strap is long enough for you. I love the button on the front, and you can click on the picture to see it in closer detail. I used this same fabric to make some gift bags for my MIL's luncheon. It's a gorgeous green.

This is the same style as the Olive Stripe, but in the deep red floral print like the clutch. I have a different style purse in the same fabric and I get so many compliments on the color. This messenger also has seed beading on the front to add some sparkle.

I love these little keychains! The fabric on this one is very pretty, too. I made a larger tote for a friend in it, and she loved the print. The little chocolate glass bead on the front matches perfectly. And let's face it, if you say you don't have a handbag addiction, then you're just lying to yourself.

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