Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fabulously, Fantasmagorically Friendly (day after)Friday!

It's another Fab day-after Friday!!! You'd figure I could get this together after how many weeks? But no, not me, I'm special like that. I have to warn you before you go any further- I'm a little wired on caffeine right now. Proceed at your own risk.

This week I'm featuring Katie and Anna (more Swanky friends!) of the adorable Doodlesprouts shop. Yup, it's a double feature (kind of) this week! They both give input to each item and manage to share duties even though they don't live together. I can barely share input on a weekly dinner menu with Hubby and we share the same bed!

They both got their knitting know-how from Katie's mom and grandma, and with the birth of their first babies, they got their crafting start. They wanted something cute, different and well-made, so Doodlesprouts was born!
Their shop name came after much thought, giggles, and a little help from a thesaurus. Really, they couldn't have come up with a better name.

While it's hard to find a balance, Katie and Anna stay in constant phone contact, set up weekly play dates, and use every available moment to craft on items for their shop. Check out their shop and blog to get a glimpse into their crafting genius. Oh, and buy something, will ya?

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Annie Howes said...

Nice feature! Doodlesprouts has a great Etsy store!


CozyMoments said...

Great feature, I love Katie and Anna's work! :)