Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm a fangirl.

Not only am I a fangirl, but I'm a klutz, too. Hubby bought a pair of Bose in-ear headphones about a year ago, and I've "adopted" them. Well, you know I would be the one who loses a (as in just one ear's) silicone tip. They're not so comfortable without the silicon tip either. After discovering that I don't really enjoy listening to half of a song that much, I decided that I needed to get another set of tips. Here's where the fangirl part comes in, I go to Bose's website, find the customer service number, call them up, and lo and behold, in seven business days I will have a new set of tips! Now, of course, Bose can do no wrong (as long as my tips get here). How great is it that even though Hubby didn't actually register his earbuds after he bought them, Bose is still sending us a set of tips for free? Yeah, Bose products are pricey, but the earbuds he bought are the most comfortable I've ever worn and sound great. All right, back to life, this commercial is over.

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