Monday, March 24, 2008

Life lessons from a two year-old

Little purple toy sticky lizards and twelve foot vaulted ceilings don't play well together.

P.S. We're now going on two weeks. I'm beginning to think dragging the ladder out of the garage would be easy.

Mega Launch Party!

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Kristin said...

Have fun with the party and stop by and enter in my current giveaways on my personal blog!

Anonymous said...

I've had that happen before with the sticky toys that won't come down. Sometimes they leave greasy spots too.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

LOL! That is cute.


SuperMOM said...

I am sorry I HAVE to aluh becaue WE went through this SAME thing about 3 weeks ago, HOWEVER I was on the phone so i walked out of the room, and my two boy chucked penut butter filler pretzles at the stick ball to make it fall. I came in to find that we now had peanutbutter prezel carpet and about passed out!! Good news.....THEY GOT THE BALL DOWN!! LMBO