Monday, March 24, 2008

Catch me, if you can!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! My weekend was so busy that I crashed yesterday around 6pm and didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning. Yup, I was tired. I love it when Hubby let's me sleep, not that he had much choice in the matter.

So let's play catch up. I've been busy with some baby sets for friends and co-workers who are pregnant. The first set I gifted already (and didn't take a picture of -duh!) was really cute. It was for a little boy , I'll call him "K", and it had blue and two different tones of gray. I'm kind of stuck on the patchwork quilt style, so all my baby blankets have been done that way. I made K a Snuggle bunny that matched, too. K's mom said she would send me a picture of him with the blanket, so I'm really looking forward to that because he is a cutie.
I do have a picture of an unfinished set I'm making for someone else. I can't say who it's for, but here's a shot of it.

Those ladybugs were giving me fits. I made two or three different kinds before I finished the one in the picture and I was happy with it, finally. It's not attached yet, but the ladybugs will sit on every other white square. I think it'll turn out lovely. I also tried a different type of Snuggle bunny, and I think I like this one best. It uses more yarn and takes longer though. I think it's worth it. When it's done, I post better pictures.

Saturday, my church held an Easter egg hunt at a local park for the city. I did face painting again, big surprise, huh? I love doing face painting, but I feel sorry for the little ones who can't sit still, but their parents really want them to get painted. I was asking the parents to hold their heads still, because I didn't want to put their little heads in a vice grip. The parents can handle that. The hands down winner for design? a bunny nose and whiskers for the girls, and a spiderweb with a spider for the boys. Yeah, the spiderweb came about because a little boy wanted Spiderman on his face. Sure, kid.

After that we had a birthday party to attend, and I had to set up tables for the Easter breakfast our church holds after Sunrise service. It wasn't a fancy set up, just flowers and pretty napkins, but I always lay silverware out on the tables because I hate juggling silverware at a buffet.

Easter Sunday, we had a sunrise service to attend. Hubby ran the sound so he had to be there early. He took the two older ones with him, which left me only the two younger ones to get ready, but that was still too difficult. It was a lovely service, and the music was beautiful. The breakfast following was yummy. They had eggs, potatoes, biscuits, muffins, yogurt, fruit, and pancakes. I'm getting hungry thinking about it.
We then went to my Mom's and had another egg hunt with my Sister's kids and Easter dinner. And then we went home and I fell asleep.

I decided to postpone my Friendly Friday post until tomorrow, maybe tonight. I was a little busy. Hopefully, you enjoyed the pictures. I don't like posting this long because everyone's busy, but this was a lot of stuff!

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