Wednesday, March 5, 2008

National Kidney Month

We're going to have a serious but important post today.

National Kidney Month

March is National Kidney Month. The various forms of kidney disease affect hundreds of thousands of people. Although some forms of kidney disease are genetic in nature, many people lose their kidney function because of diabetes or uncontrolled hypertension. Chronic kidney disease is insidious, as it progresses with few, if any symptoms, until irreparable damage is done. For more information, please see the websites listed below.

National Kidney Foundation:

Free screenings for kidney disease: Call 1-800-620-9010 or visit to find the screening in your area. For Florida residents, there are no screenings this year.

PKD Foundation (Polycystic Kidney Disease):

PKD is a genetic kidney disease. There are 600,000 Americans and approximately 12.5 million people world-wide who suffer from PKD. PKD is one of the most common life-threatening genetic diseases and affects more people than Down Syndrome, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, and sickle cell anemia combined. There is no cure or treatment for PKD. As the disease progresses, patients must begin dialysis or receive a kidney transplant.

The PKD Foundation raises funds for continued research to find a cure for this disease. One of the ways they raise funds is by conducting a Walk for PKD, sponsored by PKD chapters in each state. This year’s Walk for PKD will be on September 20 or 21. Please consider walking for the cure this year. Information is on the PKD website.

World Kidney Day—March 13

Please consider signing to become an organ donor on World Kidney Day. You could save or improve the lives of two kidney patients by donating your kidneys. You may also consider becoming a living donor. Many transplant programs will work with living donors who give a kidney to a relative, friend, or even a stranger. Check your local transplant program for more information.

Give the gift of life—DONATE!

Some of you may already know that my Mother-in-law, Donna, suffers from PKD. She has already had one kidney transplant, but she is losing function of that transplanted kidney. She is planning on walking in the fund raiser being held in Tampa. If you would be interested in sponsoring her or donating toward the cause, please contact me. My contact information can be found in my profile information. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about this disease. Please feel free to spread the word by copying and pasting the above information onto your blogs.

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lauren bacchus said...

thank you so much for this post. my dad has PKD and his current transplanted kidney is not doing well either. we hope he will get a new transplant this year.

I wish you and your family all the best.