Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dance to the music!

Maybe moshing would be more appropriate today...

I'm adding Invisible Image to my list of favorite artists. They are definitely not like the others. Everyone needs a little "blow your brains out" music every once in a while.
They're a great group of Christian guys from Port Charlotte, FL. I actually got the chance to meet them at a teen function Hubby put together. Despite the shaved heads, tattoos, and rough image, they were polite and well spoken. Plus they just rock. If your teens are into hard music, you really should buy their CD. The teens will get the music they like, and you'll be happy knowing a positive message is lurking in their lyrics.
Check out their MySpace or website for information on purchasing CDs and merchandise, and on their latest shows.

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1 comment:

guileless said...

wow! another cool christian band to check out. yay!