Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walk for the cure!

One more post for today!

For those of you that don't know, my mother-in-law has PKD (polycystic kidney disease). It's a genetic disease that causes cysts to grow in the kidneys and leads to kidney failure. She has gotten a transplant, but dialysis is still part of the treatment.

Fortunately she's well enough to participate in the Orlando Walk for PKD, and could use some support. If you can't walk with her, please consider donating via their website. She would also appreciate any prayers as well. My family will definitely be supporting her as she walks for her future and ours.

This is in her words a brief description of her battle with PKD:
I was diagnosed with PKD in 1999,after years of high blood pressure. My brother was diagnosed the same year. And my older half-sister also has PKD. This is the legacy that my Grandfather Crenshaw left his family--PKD. Although we sibilings all have PKD, we differ greatly in the way it has affected our health. I have had the most difficult time. I'm on dialysis, and I've already had one kidney transplant.
But, although the physical effects of PKD can be difficult, God has blessed me with so many insights and so much grace during the last nine years. He has shown me that surrendering my control of my life is the way to peace and acceptance of a difficult situation. He has allowed for the technology to keep me alive and fairly healthy. He has guided my doctors as they care for me. And He has given me peace about my disease.
Now I want to be an advocate for PKD research. My children and grandchildren are all at risk for PKD. If a parent has PKD, each of her children has a 50/50 chance of having the disease. I want a cure before my dear ones suffer.
Please help me by supporting me in the 2008 Walk for the Cure. I appreciate any donations, and I especially cherish your prayers for me.

Please be a help for those who need it!

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