Friday, August 22, 2008

Cliche weather post ahead...

I'm just about over this Florida thing. No, I'm not moving, but I'm getting really tired of it. Well, maybe not Florida so much, just the weather. Yes, I'm gonna whine, brace yourself, and it kills me to do this because talking about bad weather is so cliche.

So this weather thing is getting annoying, really fast. I can deal with the rain. Rain is not bad; it makes everything green. I like to take naps when it's raining. We even have sunshine during the rain, so it's not particularly depressing. What I can't deal with is the idiotic way people deal with the rain. Yes, we have hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, etc. Yes, it can get scary. Yes, you should probably get some sort of survival kit together. No, you should not interrupt my television escape from being shut inside a house with four kids to show me pictures of something that I can see if I look out my window. If I wanted to know exactly how fast the storm is rotating, where it is headed or any other minute detail, I will call Hubby who has the Weather Channel beamed directly into his skull. Do not take away the distractions I have to provide my children and myself to make it through the day.

Also, people have to eat, I understand that. My family needs to eat on a regular basis, three times a day as a matter of fact. However, it's difficult to provide them with that food when grocery shopping must be timed with avoiding the masses fighting over bottled water in supermarket aisles.

So, school was out Tuesday and Wednesday, but it was no worse than a normal rain shower. I don't even think I heard thunder. Thursday, when I got to school it was terrible. We lost power, and almost had to rent a canoe for the trip home. No school today, I'm predicting the weather will be just bad enough so I can't send the kids outside until just before Hubby and I leave to go see the Smashing Pumpkins. Then the sky will open up. Maybe I should start my own Weather Channel.

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