Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I found this via Brooke (who found it on Quirkology), and since I want to be just as cool as Brooke I thought it would be fun.

If you want to be cool like us, just type the year you were born into a Flickr search, and pick your favorites. Here's mine:

It's kind of hard to see, but the marquee says "Star Wars Shows at 7 and 9:30". Pretty cool, huh?

This one is actually taken in England, but I like it because I have a picture of me and my older sister taken on those exact lawn chairs. My dad had pants that color, too.

These next two are sad, but they were taken on my birthdate. Two planes collided in heavy fog on a runway in Spain. Out of 694 people on board both planes only 61 people survived. No one on the plane below made it out alive.

I also found a really cool aerial shot of Disneyland, but I couldn't get it to post correctly so you'll have to go to the Flickr page to see it.


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seven said...

So cool! I'm pretty sure we had those lawn chairs too, at one point.

seven said...

Oops... I didn't see those last two pictures before I posted a comment (I think they hadn't loaded yet). Those are really sad!