Thursday, August 28, 2008

My SuperMom wears go-go boots.

Ladies and Gentleman, meet SuperMom! Via Bent Objects' Twitter I found this nifty little toy on Marvel's website where you can make your own superhero. I think she turned out great. Little does the general public know that her alter ego is little old me...

Let me give you a quick run-down of her super powers. We'll start at the top. She has super hair, people. Her hair is indestructible and dries in perfect shape instantaneously upon her exiting the shower. She never needs to worry about a blow dryer, flat iron, or curling iron. It also repels various fluids, such as baby vomit and bird poo.

Those glasses may look normal, but they are a homing device for lost toys, blankets, pacifiers and even children. They can also see through children to verify if indeed that child did shove a Lego up their nose or how many batteries they've swallowed.

The black shirt is useful for camouflaging dirt and debris and the skirt, well, if your legs looked like that wouldn't you be wearing a mini every chance you got? She doesn't grow hair on her legs or armpits either- no shaving or waxing! The jacket makes her look professional at PTA meetings and keeps guys from staring at her fabulous rack. It doesn't always work, with the guys that is. She's president of the PTA.

She's got wings not only because she's an angel, but because she has to fly from one child's function to the next and cannot be held back by petty things like traffic. They also make a pretty efficient duster.

Why the torch, you ask? Well, how else are you going to find your SuperMinivan at 2am in the SuperWalmart parking lot when you've run out to pick up that special item needed for a project due the next day at school? It also makes a delicious roast within minutes, no need to defrost.

The shoes? They were the best choice for her outfit. Go-go boots, looked a little, well... SuperDad would've liked them a little too much let's just say.

Got any other super powers you think she should have? By all means, make your own here. It's fun!

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1 comment:

Mim said...

Ah, I made myself one of these personal super heroes, too. Her name is Mimzie and she rocks. I love her, oops, she's me, my alter ego. I'll show her to you some time. I like yours a lot.