Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Elmo coded in my kitchen.

I made an Elmo cake that bled when you cut it. Hey, I never promised that I was sane. It was for the going away party for one of the guys in our youth group. What teenage boy wouldn't like a bleeding Elmo cake?

Poor Elmo never made it to the party though. I filled him with the blood (corn syrup dyed red) and set his face back on, but I wasn't careful enough and he cracked right between the eyes and bled out on my kitchen counter. I tried sealing the blood in with icing, but it was too late. The hemorrhaging wouldn't stop. I gave up decorating and let the vultures (mostly just the two year old) peck his eyes out. There will be no resting in peace for this yummy mess.

Hindsight tells me that a pound cake batter may be a sturdier choice to handle the assembly process.

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