Tuesday, June 26, 2007

When I grow up and be a girl...

My brother's leaving. He's being shipped back to the Middle East, this time Baghdad. I'm not that happy with it, but I understand why it's important. I can't even imagine what his poor wife and kids are going through. I get anxious when Hubby goes on a short business trip, let alone for over a year. Anyway, I told his wife that I would make them (his wife and daughter) matching handbags with some of his old patches and stuff on them. We'll see what she sends me.
Hopefully he'll be able to check this blog while he's gone, and I'll be able to share some of my craziness. And we're the two normal siblings out of the family!
It makes me kind of sad, but mostly really proud. Even though he's only four years younger than me, my older sister and I have always treated him like our child. My poor mom always had her hands full with my other sister, so me and my older sister taught him all kinds of stuff. Yup, he has three moms. He was the only boy until he was about 10, so he had some interesting views on life. He used to tell people, "when I grow up and be a girl." I'm sure he'll be glad I'm sharing this with everyone! He had a purse and baby dolls when he was little, too. It was all good practice for when he had kids of his own. Of course, 6 nieces and nephews are pretty good practice, too. He's the best Uncle/Dad/Brother I know. (Except Hubby, of course!)
Stay safe, Bubba. We love you!

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