Monday, June 25, 2007

Someone please turn off that handbag!

I was looking through my old pictures and found some shots of old stuff I've done. WARNING: The pictures you see may scare and/or alarm you. They scare and/or alarm me.
Actually, I like the doggie handbag. That one I actually made a few of, and finally donated the last one to a friend who was raising money for an adoption she's going through. She's adopting a baby, someone is not adopting her. Anyway, I used that one for a while, but my wallet didn't fit in it, so I got a different handbag. Isn't it amazing the lengths I go through to NOT clean out my wallet? I have a George wallet. You remember that one episode of Seinfeld where George was sitting crooked and having back problems because of his wallet?
The neon green one is the scary and/or alarming one. You can't really see it, but it's hairy, kind of like astroturf. Actually, it really reminds me of my grandma's porch in Margate that had astroturf on it. Her porch was not neon green; it was regular green. No one has stepped up to give that lovely number a good home, and I'm not self assured enough to carry it in public. Poor Pastor would not be able to concentrate on his sermon with that hairy monster glowing on the pew next to me (I'm talking about the handbag, not Hubby.)
The camo one was for my sister-in-law. She was in an Avril Levigne phase. "I do not look like Avril," she says with her black rimmed eyes half covered with stick straight brownish hair and her hands on baggy cargo pant covered hips.


hello2morrow said...

that doggie handbag is sooo cute! i love it! :-)

Crafty Mama said...

Thank you. I like your work, too.