Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nooooo, keep your lollipop fingers away!!!

My newest distraction is Steve Burns. Yup, the guy from Blue's Clues. I have seen every clip of him on YouTube. I really would like to get his cd Songs for Dustmites, but it's not available anywhere around me. I guess I have to order it, yuck. I'm an instant gratification kind of gal. I saw a video he did for Noggin called "I hog the ground." Hilarious! It's about groundhogs. Check it out on Yeah, it's a kids song. I've heard he's going to release a kid's music cd, and I'm afraid that I would have to get that one, too.
I may have to create something Blue's Clue-esque in honor of Steve. We think Joe is a schmuck. I'm really glad that Nickelodeon plays reruns of Blue's Clues during the day, because I change the channel if it's one with Joe. I literally get nauseous watching him. The Doodlebops make me nauseous, too. They have freaky fingers. I have had nightmares about their hands with lollipop fingers chasing me. Uhhh...
Back to Steve, he looks older now, with his short hair and scruffy face. Not bad. He's real short though, although I guess that's not bad if you're short. I'll have to brainstorm for something Blue's Clue-esque. It would have to be blue spotted, or maybe green striped... definitely green striped. I think I have an old green striped shirt somewhere I can take apart and re-purpose. I feel a handbag coming on... An actual handbag! Now I just need some khakis.

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