Sunday, June 8, 2008

An aggre- what?

I have to share socialthing with you. It's kind of like a RSS feed for all your social networking sites. Hubby says it's a "social networking aggregater." Uh-huh.
I've become quite the social site addict since school has let out, and I don't really have much to do during nap time. (Who needs to actually clean your house when you have a laptop and internet connection?) It's still in beta, but I was given a few invites so I'll be happy to share them.
Once you've signed up and linked all your networks together, it gives you a "lifestream" where updates from Flickr, twitter, pownce, Facebook, Vimeo, and LiveJournal all appear in either chronological order or grouped by user. What's really great about it, is you can filter out things by groups of friends. For example, if you only want your Flickr friends to see your Flickr updates, you can set it up. I use my Flickr mostly for Etsy pictures so this is ideal for me.
They're working on adding digg, MySpace, and a few others too. Ning was mentioned as a possibility as well.
I'm still playing around with it, but even what little I've found so far is great. I'm slowly getting in touch with my geeky past!

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