Saturday, June 21, 2008

How three meatball subs decided who I was going to marry.

Happy Strangely Orange Snack Appreciation Day (S.O.S.A.D.)!!! Eat lots of unnaturally orange snacks and be sure to wipe that orange powder all over yourself.

Okay, now that that's out the way... I recently left a comment on someone's blog that three meatball subs were the deciding factor on who I would marry. Of course, she was surprised, and I realized that I had never shared that story with y'all in bloggy land. My In-laws read this too, so I think they would like to know how "it all happened."

[Insert wavy lines here- We're going back in time to the late 90's, folks] I was looking oh so stylish in my grungy, slacker best. This was after my goth phase; I was no longer depressed, just apathetic. It was cold outside, so it must have been January. We were on an actual date (Hubby and I had been friends way before we started dating, so there is some speculation on our first date. He says we went to the movies, but I paid for my own ticket, so I say that doesn't count. Guys should always pay on the first date, after that it doesn't matter.). Back in the day, there were actually clubs and things to do in downtown Orlando. If you've been there recently, you know how unexciting it is. We weren't clubbing (HA!), but we liked to go watch the drunk people and "hoochie-ma's" stumble around. The drunk people stumble because, well, they're drunk, and the hoochie-ma's stumble because they try looking hot walking around on four-inch heels.

We may have gone to the coffee shop, or played pool at the arcade, I don't remember. I do remember walking around near the Subway sub shop (near Washington Street and where Yab Yum's, the coffee shop, used to be), and having a guy come up to Hubby. He was asking for money (which if you see a guy on a date and ask for money, chances are he's going to try to impress the girl), and I was curious to see how this was going to turn out. The guy told Hubby that his car was broken down, and he spent all his money getting a hotel room so his family wouldn't have to sleep outside in the cold. Could we please give him some money? They were really hungry. Hubby told him he wasn't going to give him any money, but he would buy him some food. He asked the guy if subs were okay, the guy got excited (real or fake, I don't know) and agreed. Hubby then asked if meatball subs would be okay, thinking hot subs would be good because it was cold outside. The guy said yes, so Hubby ordered three footlong meatball subs. While we were waiting in line, the man pulled out a Bible and tried witnessing to Hubby. Hubby told him not to bother, and that we were already Christians. They shared some verses, got the subs, and Hubby shook his hand.

Some point during the conversation, I remember giggling because it hit me. This was the guy I wanted to marry. The indigent (I think this is the socially accepted term for poor now) man got upset and told me that his situation wasn't funny. Of course, I couldn't tell anyone why I was giggling, that would have probably scared Hubby off. So I mumbled something insignificant back to him. So somewhere there is a man who is thinking about this young guy (who is nice enough to buy food for someone in need) stuck with an uncaring b****. Little does he know...

So that's the story about how three meatball subs decided who I would marry. I hope you've enjoyed it because while I was typing this my monster has emptied the movie cabinet, dumped out my coffee, hit his sister, unfolded several piles of clothing, and caused general chaos. I have to go pick up movies, mop the kitchen floor, kiss a boo-boo, and refold some clothes now... all because of three meatball subs.
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Elena said...

Thank you :)
And funny post!

SewMuchDetail said...

Love this story!! What a great post:))

Lucky Girl said...

That's such a sweet story!

Anonymous said...

What a great story! I feel your pain with your kids while blogging. My two were scrapping it out over a water bottle the other night while I was writing. Don't they realize how important blogging is?!? Geez =)