Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm officially a moron.

I'm making a hat. I have finally figured out circular knitting, I think. I thought I would be cool and put words on my beanie style hat. Well, being a moron, I didn't figure that knitting from right to left and while adding words that read from left to right would need any, oh, I don't know, adjustments. Three rows into my chart, feeling very proud of my yarn carrying skills, I look down and think out loud, "Why doesn't that look like my chart (which I made myself using this website)?" Because yours truly is an idiot, that's why.
Maybe I should just leave it the way it is and only wear it while I'm looking at myself in the mirror...
For those of you that do not knit and can't figure out what's going on- Knitting is done right to left, so you must read any charts from right to left also. I was reading mine from left to right, and, as a result, my words were coming out in mirror image.
I did not take any pictures because I quickly frogged it, but I will post pictures of the hat when it is done. Done the right way, that is.

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