Friday, June 27, 2008

Ready, set? Unload!

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Ever have one of those weeks? Yes, two of my four kids are gone, but I just can't get it together!

I've had Vacation Bible School every night this week with 3rd and 4th grade- ack! I love the kids, but that's my least favorite age group. I've had craft on Tuesday and Thursday morning with 40-something elementary aged kids; I've done about 15 loads of laundry a day because my four year old decided she doesn't need to use the toilet, and I'm potty training the two year old; I just drove an hour in the Florida afternoon heat to pick up 25 goldfish for centerpieces for the week-end VBS party; I still have to shower, make myself look somewhat attractive, arrange the centerpieces, and set up for the party that starts in, oh, 5 hours. OH! I have two tests to take on Saturday that I haven't studied for. Hubby's had a crappy week, too, and I feel really bad because I've been either busy or drained and not able to be supportive. I know it's bad when he does the dishes, although he didn't break anything while slinging dirty dishes around.

BUT, we have a sitter for late Saturday night, and we're going to see a nice, loud movie that we won't fall asleep during, I hope not at least. Wanted looks so awesome (cheesy word, I know). I like James McAvoy (I'm a little upset he doesn't use his accent- oh well), and I have a tiny girl crush on Angelina Jolie, who doesn't, huh? So anyway, I thought I'd share the trailer. Enjoy! I have about 15 other things I need to do right now...

Wanted- Choose Your Destiny - Watch more free videos

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