Sunday, September 30, 2007

What I did today...

I did a lot today. I cleaned my house a little, almost finished a bag, went on an activity with our youth group, took a bag apart, and made muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.

First the muffins, is it wrong that I use a boxed mix? I don't think so. I'm particularly fond of the mix that includes a can of wild blueberries. Yummy! It's got real fruit in it, too. My kids love it, and it's not any worse than pancakes covered in syrup or doughnuts. Plus, the house smells all yummy. I doubt all twelve make it to the morning.

Second, the bag, I got it all put together and was turning it ready to press and topstitch, when I realized that I put the strap on the bottom and the pocket upside down. While typing this I remembered that I hadn't turned off my iron, God bless the automatic shutoff! Hopefully, this little sneaky peeky will show up on my Etsy real soon. I'm still working on my fall things; I just haven't been motivated when it's 91 degrees outside.
Third, the activity, I had fun. We went to Palmetto Avenue Baptist and listened to a speaker from Ohio. There were games involving eating the mystery Twinkie (I didn't play that one- no way), popping balloons tied to everyone's ankles, and sticking lifesavers to your teammate's face with your saliva. I didn't play any of them; I'm too old for that. I did have fun watching and laughing, and laughing and laughing. No girls went, which is a shame, but I don't really know many of the girls because they don't come to activities. It's kind of a vicious circle. I think too, because I work at the school they aren't really sure what to make of me in youth group.
I need a muffin. It smells really good in here.

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