Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ok, so Universal Studios on Friday, Hubby and I got the chance to take the teens to Rock the Universe. It was great even though I don't do roller coaster-type rides. Riding in the church van with Hubby driving is enough of a thrill ride!
We really just went to see the bands. Jars of Clay, Mercy Me, and Casting Crowns were all playing Friday night. I love Jars of Clay and Casting Crowns, and I also like a few Mercy Me songs.
Jars of Clay was great; I was cracking up with their wardrobe. It was very Napoleon Dynamite! I spent most of the concert trying to get a good shot of their outfits, is that sad? I missed seeing my favorite song, "Flood", but I did get to hear it. Enjoy the pictures, I sure have!
The singer for Mercy Me wasn't sounding that great; I think he was sick. That's alright because we only listened to them for a few songs because they were overlapped with Casting Crowns.
I loved Casting Crowns before, and I love them even more now. My princess sings along with so many of their songs that I felt bad for not bringing her, but 1 am is too late for a 3 year old. They don't make any apologies for being normal people and give God all the glory for what they do. I loved it all!
Great night in all, even without any rides!
PS. I HATE Picasa. I have no idea how to keep the pictures flipped. I told Hubby it wouldn't work, but no, Google is the end all. Whatever!

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