Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crackin' The Whip

I forced myself to finish a doily I started two days ago. I start things and then get bored, very easily. However, I wasn't going to allow myself to use my new toys (cutting board, rotary cutter, and fancy iron) until I finished the stupid doily.

Why did I start it, you ask? Well, because I've never made one before. I've done lace trim on my princess' socks before, but never a full-fledged doily. I included a shot with my yucky craft ruler for scale.
Oh, and it hasn't been blocked yet, because that wasn't part of the deal I made with myself. You'll also notice that the tail has not been woven in... again, not part of the deal. Isn't it sad when you find loopholes in deals you've made with yourself?

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