Friday, September 28, 2007

Tea for Two, or just Kelly.

I finished one more. It's a bag for my supervisor; she gave me the tea print to use. It's an old linen calendar from a few years back. Finding fabric to match that gold was a killer! I have issues paying full price for fabric, so that didn't help either. The blue fabric inside is actually pieced together from stash fabric that my grandma gave me. She'd be so proud- neither one of us throw anything away!
The linen calendar is still in one piece (in case she wants to take it off); she just needs to rip those stitches, and she'll have a plain bag! I tend to change my mind often, so the fact that it can change so easily makes me feel better.
My lovely friend Chesley photographed this bag and the previous one, and I think she had a little too much fun because she came back inside with 25 pictures (mostly lizards and bugs). She did a good job, and I have a huge memory card, so it's all good!

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