Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blatant self-promotion below.

Not that you need another excuse to shop, but I've marked all my fall merchandise in my shop down 15%. You can find it all in the sale section of my shop, and here's some pictures to tempt you.

Red Floral Evening Clutch
This bag is a good size for just the essentials- lipstick, driver's license, cash, and a credit card. I have one in a different color that I carry to church. The beaded handle is really pretty, too.

Olive Stripe Mini Messenger
This messenger style is more of a wallet on a long strap. If you like wearing your bags across your chest, this strap is long enough for you. I love the button on the front, and you can click on the picture to see it in closer detail. I used this same fabric to make some gift bags for my MIL's luncheon. It's a gorgeous green.

This is the same style as the Olive Stripe, but in the deep red floral print like the clutch. I have a different style purse in the same fabric and I get so many compliments on the color. This messenger also has seed beading on the front to add some sparkle.

I love these little keychains! The fabric on this one is very pretty, too. I made a larger tote for a friend in it, and she loved the print. The little chocolate glass bead on the front matches perfectly. And let's face it, if you say you don't have a handbag addiction, then you're just lying to yourself.

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