Monday, May 12, 2008

I've been doing stuff, okay?

I do actually make stuff. I just don't take pictures of it. I'm a busy slacker. Is that possible? Sorry these are all small pictures. I didn't want this post to be huge. If you want to see closeups, go to my Flickr page.

These pillows are for my princess. Big Lots had 3 skein packages of glittery yarn for $1.50. So of course, I got one of each color they had. I still have a white pillow to finish. (Besides finishing these two.) They also had some pink and purple wool (I bought 6 skeins), and a package of 6 black crochet floss cones for $1.50 (score!). Oh yeah, I was happy that day. I'm still perfecting my poor felting skills. Floridians and wool do not get along, okay?

This blanket isn't finished yet either. I have to get more gray yarn for the eyes. I thought I had enough in my stash pile, but nope! It figures. This is for a friend whose due in July. I've got time- HA! Famous last words.

And of course, I've just started a new project! I'm stupid like that... or ADD, take your pick. This is going to be a baby blanket for a little girl due in September. If I follow the pattern, it'll be huge. If I have time (HA!), I might actually make the whole thing, otherwise I'll only make it approximately a yard square, which is my regular size. Yeah, the blue yarn is the same as the preemie blanket. It was on clearance. I did buy 6 skeins of it, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I may be crafty, but I'm also cheap. I mean thrifty.

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Dee's Digital Designs said...

OMG, you had me cracking up! You sound so much like me! I have about 5 unfinished different projects that I'm 'working' on. LOL.

Is that my problem? Do I have ADD? I can't just pick one craft, have to crochet, knit, quilt, sew, etc. :)

New England Quilter said...

You make th ecutest blankets!!

Mim said...

Ditto with Dee's comment...I dislike having unfinished projects (like the Blythe dress that's cut out and not sewn yet, among others.) "Frugal", I use the word "frugal" but will now add "thrifty"-- I've allowed myself to buy some lovely local merino wool at the farmer's market even though it costs more than I usually pay. Hooray for me. And hooray for you, nice work!