Saturday, April 5, 2008

You made this for me? You shouldn't have, really.

I've added two new links in my blog list. I stumbled on these last night, and let's just say, I stayed up WAY too late (or early depending on how you define morning) laughing hysterically. I chose the best giggle from each to give you a sneak peek.

What Not to Knit

The writers have a wonderful sense of humor (sometimes a little swear-y), and I can't decide which is better, the pictures or the comments.
For example, the pom-pom man is titled, "How to Punish a Cheating Man." I love it! I'm almost afraid to share these links because now I will have to seriously watch it to make sure nothing I give shows up on these blogs. I could picture Hubby in the pom-pom poncho, though... great, now I gotta pee.

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Anonymous said...

Okay the man in the poncho is too funny! How did you find these?
Thanks for sharing!

missfire said...

What fabulous blogs!! Thank you so much!

*off to clean the water out of the keyboard*

ArtsyChaos said...

The pom pom poncho is way too funny ! My hubby peered over my shoulder and said "I just don't get it" LMBO Hilarious !!!

Christopher And Tia said...

Wheres MY puff ball poncho? How funny.

Melissa Aubrey said...

They REALLY shouldn't have!