Friday, July 6, 2007

I'll just have to not wear it then.

I guess I could tell you what I did over the holiday.
First of all, I tried to make my daughter a reversible dress for the 4th of July. No pattern, I know I'm brave (or stupid). Well, it turned out really cute and she LOVES the matching reversible head-kerchief, but the dress... I didn't measure her right, and by the time it was all put together it didn't go over her head. She was so diplomatic though. As she's standing in the dining room (AKA craft room) with her arms pinned next to her ears and me struggling to pull this too tight dress down over her head, she says, "Um, I'll just have to not wear it then." I started laughing, and she said, "Mom, it's not funny." I had to call my mom right then and there. It's just something you have to share immediately. Oh, in the picture, the hem isn't finished.
Then, on the Fourth, I decorated for a cookout my church was having. I did 20 tables for like $30! Not bad when you see the results. A few things were donated (some of the materials to make the USA centerpieces, helium, and white tablecloths) but still I think I did pretty good. It looked very festive.

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