Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Giving you the finger or the hand...

Ha! I may have a warped sense of humor, but how can you not think these are funny? I found the first picture in my archives. Please excuse the cluttered bookshelves; they don't look like that anymore. I made these fingers for some teachers that I work with. They're chalkboard pointers! How cute is that? The second picture is one my Hubby found. I'm glad our sense of humor is kinda the same, otherwise someone (me) may end up in a padded room.
Oh, if you actually want to buy the handsoap here's the link.


Linda Oness said...

Those are really cute. What a great idea!

Sootie xo

Crafty Mama said...

I hope you're talking about my fingers, not the soap, if you are then, Thanks, I occasionally have moments of greatness. If you're not, then I can't take any credit for that greatness.