Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Stuff

I'm battling sinus issues. I have the lovely scratchy throat, pressure, constant nose running, ugh! I've been drinking hot green tea with honey and lemon constantly for the past 3 days, but so far nothing! I can't sleep because of the breathing problems, so I've been watching alot of late night TV.
I re-discovered a movie. It's called 200 Cigarettes. I love it! It's cheesy bad, but is loaded with good talent (and some not so good talent). How could you not love a movie with Ben and Casey Affleck, Kate Hudson, Paul Rudd, Courtney Love, Christina Ricci, and so on. It's set on New Years Eve, and I'm loving the thick accents and bad hair.
I'm working on a gift for Hubby's boss. He had a little girl, and Hubby wanted me to make her a Snuggle Bunny and blanket. It's their fourth, so I definitely need washable yarn. I can't decide what I want to use. I guess a trip to JoAnn's is in order. Yay shopping!

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