Monday, October 22, 2007

"Get better soon!"

Hubby and I got another chance to go out this past weekend. My regular sitter had to work her other job, so Mom was kind enough to fill the void. God bless mothers! I feel bad asking her so often, but we needed the break after the day of funerals.
In the morning, I had to attend a funeral of a co-worker, and in the afternoon, Hubby had to attend the funeral of a teen boy's mother. It's very sad in both cases, but I think I had the tougher time. The co-worker also taught a Sunday School class of little ones, and they made her a video to watch during her hospital stay. Well, I started sniffling when it started and almost lost it completely when, right before the video ended, a little voice shouted, "Get better soon!" Oh, that was tough. I know she's happy and no longer in pain with Jesus, but it doesn't make the sadness disappear completely.
Anyway, so Hubby and I showed up looking like the Gotti's in mostly black to the show. I felt completely overdressed, but Hubby and Rob matched- it was cute! I'm looking forward to hearing him with the whole band next time. We may have to become official groupies!

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