Monday, January 28, 2008

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

I thought that I'd share what I did this evening. I was lucky enough to get some oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit from the parents of a boy in my after school care program. Thanks Dee and Mark! My kids don't eat the flesh of the oranges, so they got juiced.

We have a fridge and freezer full of orange and grapefruit juice, and a produce drawer full of tangerines. Yummy! For those of you not lucky enough to get oranges from someone's backyard this is what they look like. They're not all orange, and some even have brown patches. But they beat anything you can find in the store in the taste department.

And then we have the leftovers. Hubby is going to have to take that one to the curb. It's heavy!

So anyone have any good recipes that use orange or grapefruit juice? I could use one or two.


The Downtown Boutique said...

I don't know if your kids eat Jell-o, but they do say that you can subsitute the water with orange juice. Could be fun! I also like to make a smoothie with orange juice, fat free plain yogurt, a banana, some frozen pineapple chunks (from Whole Foods) some Splenda, and vanilla. YUM!

Crafty Mama said...

Hmm, jello is intriguing. I completely forgot about the whole smoothie thing. I love that idea, thanks!