Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fabulously, Fantasmagorically Friendly (day after)Friday!

It's a little late, but a lovely sinus headache prevented yesterday's post, sorry!

This week I'm featuring Michelle from Cozy Moments. I should insert a warning here not from the Surgeon General, but from me. Her products can be addictive. I personally know many addicts... many, many addicts. That being said, her shop contains many special treasures all for treating the special people in your life. She carries luxurious bath products gentle enough for everyday use.

She named her shop Cozy Moments because those special moments are what we look forward to, those "cozy moments."

Michelle started making her products out of personal need. As a lady with dry skin, she found most products weren't rich enough, so she started experimenting. Her candle line began as her love of candles left her with headaches. All the store bought candles she burned seemed to have the same result. She researched soy candles that burn much more cleanly, and as a result, don't have the same effect.

She loves to create her products, especially soaps, whenever she can during the day, but most of her creative time is at night, after everyone else is asleep (a true crafty mama!). Taking care of her family is, of course, first priority, but a need for nurturing her creative side is what drives her business.

Check out her shop at Etsy for more wonderful products, and be prepared to get addicted!

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New England Quilter said...

It might be time to try one of Michelle's soy candles for a Cozy Valentine's day! Wonderful Post :)

tadadesigns said...

I agree...her products are addictive! I currently buy her soaps for gifts & use them myself. May I recommend my personal favorite: Vanilla Bean Noel!

gardencris27 said...

I agree. I can't get enough of her products. Everything I have tried has been amazing. I especially love the peppermint foot balm. Plus she is just awesome to do business with.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post!! Her soy candles sound absolutely wonderful... will have to check them out!