Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Working in the coal mines...

I've been cranking out the totes. I finished four more, and I've got one more order to complete this weekend. School hasn't even started yet! My boys wanted camouflage (which is harder to find than you would think), and the Spiderman and Shrek bags are for another set of brothers that I used to watch during the summer. Their grandma ordered them; I think I've already mentioned this. I'm losing my mind!
Anywho, I've included a shot of the Shrek fabric, just because I thought it was adorable! I love it. It's too bad that I couldn't find more, because then I would have some Shrek Jammie pants!
Agh! I still have to get the stuff ready for the church bulliten board! I already know what I'm doing; I just have to do it.
Oh, and that's sanitizer in the pocket of the camouflage tote. I know what you were thinking!

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