Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Flounder, flounder, flounder

Nothing, he got nothing! I am floundering around with nada. Fortunately I (not really me, but Hubby) backed up my files in June when I heard suspicious noises coming from my laptop, but I (Hubby) haven't backed up since then. I lost an entire month of kiddie pictures! (I have an extremely large memory card in my camera.) This bums me out because I took a really cute picture of the princess that is gone forever... snif.
Hubby seams to think that I should back up more often (ya think?), but he doesn't realize that I do not have the knowledge or the extra box thing (the extent of my computer knowledge is showing now, huh!?!) in order to do these backups myself. This is why I married a computer man! Why would I marry someone who knows how to do something I already know? So next time I feel the need to backup (once a month perhaps?), I will not feel guilty at all about bugging him for more computer help although he has been bugged all day at work! He does not feel guilty about asking for help with the kids after I've spent all day dealing with mine and other people's, so there.
In case you can't figure it out, that picture is a flounder. Learn how to cook them here.

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