Saturday, November 8, 2008

Check out the fancy attachments on this vacuum!

I wanted to post something witty and poignant, but I am neither witty nor poignant today. Today I am withered and poopy, so you get withered and poopy.

My two year-old monster is driving me insane! He has been the toughest child of the four, and although I have not been spoiling him, he is spoiled. Is it possible to subconsciously spoil?

He does not stop. Ever. I cannot leave him unattended for even a minute's time. And having three other children makes that nearly impossible. I feel the need to lash him to my leg, but I know how the authorities feel about tying children to things and other people. So I don't because I really do love him, and would rather he didn't spend time in foster homes.

He is not distracted by anything. There is no magic toy, t.v. program, or DVD that holds his attention for more than five minutes.

I do not give him copious amounts of sugar. He gets a treat (cookies, a piece of candy, etc) once a day. I've even cut back on the juice severely. He drinks water if he's not getting his soy milk. Where in the world does he get his energy?

He sucks it from me telepathically. That has to be it. It's the only reasonable option that would explain my lack of energy and his over-abundance of it. Great, not only do I have a over-active two year-old, but he's a telepathic energy vacuum, too. How much longer until I can kick him out of the house? Sixteen years? Lord, help me, please.

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1 comment:

KC said...

Oh I had one of these...And you would be surprised where sugar hides...UGH even in milk....However....Mine is nearly 15 and so much calmer except for the hormonally charged days....( yes a girl).