Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fabulously, Fantasmagorically Friendly (day after)Friday!

So it's a day late. Happy Holidays, huh?

Suzanne from Suzanne's Special Kids is another one of my Swanky Mama friends. She named her shop after a daycare she had planned until her special needs son was born. She has been sewing since she was around nine, and finds most of her sewing time while her kids are at school.

Suzanne finds her inspiration from her own children as well as the children she works with at the children's nursing home. She features special needs items, and she is willing to work around special needs and disabilities to provide what your children need.

While Suzanne isn't sure how she manages to balance two special needs children and a shop, she pulls it off beautifully while still remembering what is important in life. Visit her Etsy shop to see more of her adorable and functional items.

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tadadesigns said...

I think Suzanne has really found a niche, so I hope she'll continue to expand on that & her ideas!

Crafty Mama said...

I agree, Beth. She really does have some great ideas.