Friday, December 7, 2007

Fabulously, Fantasmagorically Friendly Friday!

Maybe the title is a bit much, whatever.

Plum pudding by Jen is an adorable shop on Etsy run by one of my Swanky friends, Jenny. She's a mother during the week to a cute (almost) two year old and a nurse on the weekend. How she finds time or energy to craft is beyond me!

Jenny got her crafting start over the summer while looking for something fun to do indoors. It's hard to imagine that she's been felting less than a year when you look at her shop. Etsy has claimed another victim, folks, she is hooked!

Jenny claims to be able to needle felt in her living room with a little one running loose, but she has admitted to me that her felting needles are always close at hand. Anyone who has felted knows how much those little barbs sting.
Check out her shop for more adorable gifts and treasures.

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tadadesigns said...

I saw Plumpudding's new photos yesterday & they were just so cute! Her designs are fantastic & these are no exception!

Chelsea said...

Love the title...Took me awhile to understand it, even though you helped! lol I love the mouse! It is so cute! I will have to check out her etsy.

BerryCreekCandles said...

Great shop! It's so nice of you to feautre other DSM'S!

BerryCreekCandles said...

Great shop! It's so nice of you to feature other DSM'S!