Sunday, November 4, 2007

Squeezing a week into one post.

Wow, has it been a whole week already?
I've had quite a busy week, so it really isn't that surprising.
First, I've been trying to get together a bulliten board for the Veteran's Day service we're doing at church. I'm in charge of the bulliten board (every month I change it up) so I thought a Veteran's Day thing would be nice. I'm collecting pictures and years of service for all the veterans in our church. I also get to decorate tables for the potluck on Veteran's Day.
Second, we had the fall festival on Saturday. I did the face painting with a man from CEF. We painted 100 kids' faces while telling them the wordless book story. Overall, there were about 630 people there. AND, Sissy fell off the slide on the playground and broke her arm. She was only about 2-3 feet from the ground, but she landed with her left hand down and got a buckle fracture in her wrist.
Third, we didn't really think it was broken, so we waited until today to take her to the doctor. I sat for 2 hours waiting for the doctor, and the x-ray for them to tell me it's broken and to see the orthopedist tomorrow. Ugh!
I'll doll up her cast like last time (she broke her leg over a year ago), and I'll post pictures of that. She looks so sad with the soft cast on, and I might cry when they put the hard cast on her. They might not have to, but since she's so little and active they probably will.

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